April 22, 2010

Rain moar.

Hi there.

Alright.. I had a tiring day at school. First off, I had my first Sports & Wellness lesson, which is equivalent to Physical Education (PE) anyway. It seemed to me that there is no Trim & Fit (TAF) club currently.. Maybe in the future I suppose? I filled in my application for joining the Fitness club and signed up for an objective to finish 42km in 6 months, to earn that awesome T-shirt. Wow.. 42km in 6 months sounds easy, but it's kinda hard right?

I had my first group work and it was pretty smooth.. I don't know all of my group members but they all worked willingly and that's most important right? We passed the submission time, but we still continued without panicking. The girl in my group voluntarily asked to be a presenter. In the past, the presenter's role is thrown around and people rejecting it every time. I'm really surprised.. We managed to finish about 80% of the work, and decided to resume tomorrow.

I noticed that some girls in my class go for good looking men. That pretty much sums up my ITE life already. And one question.. For example, I'm 19 years old now. Can I still continue to advance into Polytechnic after I graduated from ITE, as long as I'm pursuing full-time studies and I can defer my National Service enrollment for as long as I like? I need answers!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. Somehow somewhere out there, there are girls who goes for guys with good characters! There is! Keep this faith! =)

    And oh hey, my brother went from ITE to poly, and he completed his poly course before entering NS. Otherwise maybe you can try entering NS first before entering poly. Mengci's friends does that. So should be okay.

  2. I will. In fact, I already do. :D

  3. Hey Hey, YeJia here. Count me out, 'cause I'm not one of them ! hahaha. And I dont think I have the rights to head over good looking guy. lols.

  4. Hey Yejia! Have some confidence man! I'm sure you'll find an awesome guy! :D

  5. Lols, should I said that I have low self esteem? haha, I dont wanna find an awesome guy anyway. hahaha.