April 11, 2010

Goodbye, beloved holidays.

Hi there.

Yeah. It's the last day of my holidays. I'll be officially starting school tomorrow, without a uniform.. Just great. I wonder what are people gonna think when they see me in school, not wearing the ITE uniform. Oh well. Bad start I guess. So back to today, I did all the stuff I loved doing, be it playing games, modifying games and of course, once again, pimping up my desktop. Here's the result..

Olivia Wilde + Rainmeter.

Before you go all, "Woah John, you dig that?", like of course I dig that, I would dig that anytime. There's nothing wrong in liking girls or if you have a different opinion on girls, I have nothing to say really.. The only bad thing you do to girls is betray them by cohabiting with multiple girls. That's not faithful for all you hungry perverts. Right now, I'm still single, so I still have the freedom to look at ass! *grins*

But seriously, what do you think of my new desktop? I love it. I could imagine everyday, coming back from school, switching on my computer and looking at Olivia's sexy pose in front of my eyes. Hell yeah.

I heard something from my maid which I found to be really unbelievable. There's this woman who was pronounced dead 3 days ago. Sadly, the killer was still on the loose and the woman could not reveal the killer obviously. Then after 3 days, she was alive again! She could not remember anything personal at all, but she remembered what happened to her before she died. As a result, the killer was caught by the police. It's definitely a miracle but I found it unbelievable. 2 doctors pronounced her dead and then after 3 days, she's alive again? That's some creepy shit. Unless the doctors were frauds or the dead woman was acting, there's no way a dead person could revive him/herself. When I told my maid, "Was it an act?", she argued. She said that God helped her or something. I decided to stop the conversation before it gets all nasty. I'm not disrespecting the religion or anything, I just find it hard to believe that someone can get revived at the will of God. My question is.. Can a dead person just revive him/herself all of a sudden?

Last few days, I also asked my maid, "Who came first, the male or the female?". Since babies came out of the female body, wouldn't it be logical that the female was the first human on Earth? Then my maid told me it was man named Adam. God created Adam or something. Then God found out that Adam was very lonely so God created Eve for him. As weird as it sounds, I partially believed it. And then there's the Adam and Eve that we all know of, maybe they were the first pair to discover the art of sexual intercourse as well, since they're the first couple on Earth, right? So much questions, so little time. Haha.

This is my last holiday post for 2009/2010. From tomorrow, you might read on my life in ITE. It's your chance to experience ITE from WORDS! Haha. Hopefully I'll manage to make you feel like an ITE student and of course, remove the negative stereotypes from your brain too.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. Haha. Playing games as usual huh! Yes, I love your desktop! It's so organized and that bar on the left, what is it? I never seen it before. About the dead person stuff, I'm sure it's just acting for perplexing the killer. See, after 3 days and the killer was caught. The killer is the stupidest guy. He had 3 days to run away but chose to stay around? He doesn't know that there's CID in Singapore? Lmao and Adam & Eve, if only female were the firsts. We dominate you, male wussies! :D

  2. The left bar is Rainmeter. Yeah, the killer was stupid enough to hang around.. >_>

    What male wussies? What the hell? You pussy.