April 20, 2010


Hi there.

Well.. It's a pretty warm day, isn't it? My lecture today was filled with watching different animated films and then the lecturer goes in-depth with every film. I have to admit, the lecturer's either from China or Japan, his English is just horrible, but I have to add props to his hardwork and stress easily seen by his perspired shirt. I went home with a new friend, who only stays one stop away from me and we talked pretty much about dirty stuff. Haha!

I was talking to a friend just now regarding his plan to initiate a relationship. Certain times, it made me reminisce some of my good memories which are long gone. I didn't have anyone to talk about it, but at least some tried to cheer me up. Just remember.. Love have no boundaries. A man without confidence is as good as nothing. Once you catch her, cling onto her and never let her go [Of course give some privacy lah, LMAO]. What an interesting night I had.

Well. I'm done tonight and I'm gonna head to sleep.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. Great to see you making more and more new friends! Haha life's good for me too, except that I'm feeling the stress from my maths already. =( Making new friends too!

    Wha not bad, can talk dirty together some more. Haha!

  2. Wow.. There's Maths in your course huh? I know your Maths is your worst subject, do get help and improve on it! :D

    Hell yeah, nothing beats having the same dirty minds.


    I'm okay with physics! Really! But math and chemistry.. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. =(

    I can't wait for the real food science related things to start... Those should be my main focus. Not math and chemistry.

  4. I'm sure Chemistry has relations to food science.. But Maths? Hmm.. Unless you have to do marketing research or something..

    Good luck.. Haha.