January 4, 2010


Good evening people!

I was so.. full of joy today! My gaming computer, which was busted a few days ago, came back with repairs due to warranty. I booted it up, and it was perfect! Somehow, I lost my reflexes and skills at Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2. I haven't MW2 for like.. 4 days? It's amazing how such a short period actually made me deteriorate in the game..

Currently, I'm addicted to Cruel Temptation, that Korean drama. I have no idea why people said that boys who watched Korean dramas are disgusting. What's wrong with watching a drama? I seriously don't understand. I learned life values from these kind of dramas. Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Singaporean dramas.. They're all awesome. I do hate some Singaporean dramas though, I do like the current drama at 9pm, which is titled 当我们同在一起. It's an awesome drama from the start, and I foresee some kind of twist at the end. Nevertheless, one of Singapore's better dramas. I also watched Singapore's telemovie, named The Promise. It was awesome for a Singapore production!

Well, there's nothing much today..

Chillax and peace out!

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