December 1, 2009


Alright. I said I'll be updating today (It should be tonight, but it sounds wrong).

What's there to update.. Hmm.. Well, I've been playing Modern Warfare 2 for a really long time. From my X-Fire gaming hours count, I've accumulated 38 hours on that game alone. It's really addictive, despite what other PC gamers said about the game. Try it out! I bought 3 games this last month, Modern Warfare 2, Dragon Age - Origins and Persona 4 (WHICH HAS YET TO ARRIVE). Of course.. I have to balance it all.. Social life, gaming life and my health.

Speaking of health.. I started running today. I felt 0 determination to run any further.. So I stopped at 5 rounds of run/walk. I kept pondering. What's missing? I sat down on a bench looking at the sky like an idiot, okay.. I finally thought, I should woo a girl already. But hell, it's the school holidays and I'm partially out of my social life! Social networking doesn't cut it. Aw man. Seriously, if a pretty girl kisses me, I think I could run 20 laps and still perform 50 push-ups man. (Okay, that's was exaggerating)

30 more days to slim down. UGH. The beginning is so difficult.

Good night and peace out!

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