November 18, 2009

We thought.


Ah.. Graduation Night.. Prom Night.. GESS Perfect Night 09 or whatever you want to call it. It was my first time wearing a smart casual outfit, and I loved every moment of it. I did not have enough money for other accessories such as a black blazer, chains or whatever. Everyone looked suave, handsome, sexy and gorgeous. These people used their time to put on make up, do whatever they deem necessary and flaunt it in front of everyone. That wasn't the case for me though.. I just wanted to look simple, cus' simplicity is my middle name. I kinda regretted it, I wanted to look awesome, turned out that I looked like a normal person going out. BUT. Whatever the case, I loved my outfit.

Everyone was taking pictures. Before that, I was feeling down. I kept moving my glass of Coke in a circular motion, hoping to kill some time. I felt ignored then. To my surprise, some girls wanted to take a picture with me! I was elated, of course. It was this once, I felt that ignorance wasn't bliss. It just sucks. I gotten back my party mood, and of course, messed around with some friends. One thing I didn't liked though, my table wasn't enthusiastic. I liked how 2/3 of my class were having extreme fun, I wanted to join them, but I couldn't bear to leave my table. So I just sat and sightsee. I wished my class was a whole, not fragmented. Well, it's too late anyway. Been there done that, many times.

I loved the games. They were very creative in this. I enjoyed everything, especially Jessie and Heamen's Bollywood MV! I was laughing with joy all over and couldn't help but be glad that they are together in this, as a school couple, enjoying themselves. I heaved a sigh of positivity. Yeah, sighs. I kept sighing throughout the night, I guess even Chungaik was sick of it. And.. For once, I felt like an old man, no idea why.

I didn't expect the finalé to be just dancing to the beat and singing the Graduation Song by Vitamin C. I thought it would be us singing to the tune of the school song, as one whole graduation cohort and as loudly as possible. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself, boogied a little and had tremendous fun. I also have to thank Derrick for letting me wear his blazer, I felt awesome in it, but it's more suited for you.. and Mun Tat for lending me his Ray-Bans for me to try on, I loved every moment of it.

After everything.. I was a little upset because the whole class wasn't at the stage to take a class photo. "But John, you can't wish for everything", that phrase kept hitting my mind. I guess that 5B wouldn't actually BE 5B after all. It's just a majority of the fragments, and the minority were no where to be found. Took a picture as a fragmented class in the end, and I can't say I don't like the picture, it looks awesome, but WAY more awesome if the whole class was there, and shouting "5B!" while taking it.

Finally, I went home. My friends wanted me to go into a pub, but I refused because I had to meet someone later on. I went home, changed and went to meet Erin. Anything after that is strictly personal =D

I love 5B. A class I'll never forget. Thank you 5B for giving me the best memories of my 6 years in GESS. You people, are fucking loved. Peace.


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