November 11, 2009


Heh, the examinations have ended, at last. I've been waiting for this day, for ages! Finally, I finished my 6-year Secondary life and I'm not embarrassed to admit it.

Be it ITE or Polytechnic, I'm still not giving up. I'm having doubts about heading into Polytechnic because I flunked my Social Studies. I took a huge risk by just concentrating on 1 topic. Turned out, it did not come out any of the 3 SEQs. On the History side, it was a risk worth taking. I concentrated on Stalin and it came out as the first SEQ. I was so damn happy, but thinking that Social Studies would be a sure fail, my hopes died. Whether there would be a moderation or not, me going either ITE or Polytechnic is fine with me. My mother supported me in my decision. So I'm just gonna wait for a few more months for the results release.

If anyone has a job recommendation, please recommend me! I have no experience yet though, cus I only did neighborhood jobs such as cleaning cars, stacking in NTUC supermarkets which is totally boring..

Next Wednesday is Graduation Night.. Man, I can't wait. Everyone is gonna be in their super hot, super sexy and super suave formal wears. It's gonna be awesome. I do hope that there's a class photo taking, it would be awesome. I hope I'm lucky enough to take a picture with a girl, which only happened in my dreams. Lmao. Whatever. I'm just gonna bring the roof down! (Not really bringing the roof down, like having fun or something, haha).

That being said, I'm done!

BTW IS ANYONE GOING OUT TO PURCHASE GRADUATION NIGHT CLOTHES? If you do, please ask me to tag along! Cus I'm always stuck in my hole and not too familiar with the world outside! If nobody is free, oh well, I'll have to suck it up and purchase it on my own..


Good night and peace out!

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