November 15, 2009


Yeah! I finally bought my graduation night clothes, well except for the belt but all is well! (Thanks Chungaik and Boon Keat for accompanying ya!) I tried it out, though I looked a lil baggy (Should have went to alter it, argh) and I looked awesome! MUAHAHA. I can't wait for the night to come.. Man.. So near yet so far..

Anyway, I'm gonna play some games.

Here, I wanna share a video of a FEMALE GAMER! Can you believe it? A female gamer who pwns way more than me. *cries* Even if you're not a CoD4 fan, do watch the editing and listen. It's kinda awesome! Any female gamers out there? I WANNA DATE YOU! LMAO.

I'm done.

Bye and peace out!

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