November 13, 2009

Crazy Massacre

A scene in Modern Warfare 2, which really gave me the creeps.

I still have not bought MW2 yet, because all my money is being spent on graduation night clothes. I think I'll be wearing a black long-sleeved buttoned shirt, a pair of dark jeans (Anyone wondered whether a formal shirt goes well with a pair of jeans?), a white or silver tie, a white belt and sneakers maybe.. I know, you must be wondering why am I so nervous and picky over my selection of clothes.. I haven't dressed formally yet, it's my first time and I want to make sure it's my best!

Back to MW2.. I downloaded a pirated version of MW2, with no multiplayer support, which sucks. The campaign was awesome. If you played its predecessor CoD4:MW, MW2 is a sequel. So much backstabbing, drama and it almost felt like a movie.

I can't wait to buy it though, it costs a whooping $70 bucks! Can you believe that? Normal PC games only cost about 49.99.

Oh well, enough of me boring you with games.

Lastly, my wallpaper for November. Some changes though.. Computer's on life support now. *cries*

I'm off!

Good night and peace out!

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