March 8, 2007

Went to school very early. For no reason.

Haha, Charles had to recite the pledge this morning. He looks calm though, i was expecting some shaking here and there. Muahaha, Alger is gonna recite the pledge tomorrow! PRESSURE HIM!

First period was Maths. Mr Kung gave the class the holiday homework. Quite little though, but maybe they are hard questions!

Then next was P.E, ran 2.4m today. But today we only ran 4 rounds, which is only about 1.8m. I'm kinda slow in my timing, need to slim down and exercise more if i want to achieve my Silver NAPFA award.

Next was English! The class got back their English comprehension test. AND I GOT A 7/25 FOR THE COMPREHENSION!

*bangs head on the wall and drop dead*

OMG LAH, this is like the second time i failed an English test already. What is this, some kind of swoop over? I been failing my Maths test like mad last year and passing almost all my English test. Now, i failed two tests in a row and passed 2 Maths test in a row.

Chinese was next. Yay! The teacher brought in her laptop, which means i can slack on the teacher's console. But the freaking problem was that, there was no internet connection! The cable got busted! Zzz, the class had to go over to 3E to watch some Chinese thingy.

English again. Almost finished the corrections for the English test. After that, took two class photos with Mr Tan. On behalf of the class, i'll wish you all the best ahead in life!

Recess eh. Running.

Chemistry was next. Did a class test and it was an open book test! I was a bit lost in the questions and got screwed while sourcing for information. Well, i hope that i'll pass since i failed the previous test.

Social Studies was next. The worse lesson of them all yeah. The guys were like throwing paper balls at each other. Some threw piles of paper balls to the fan and it will spread to the others. It was like some paper war or something. It was certainly crazy. Suddenly, BengShiang took a chair and glared at Jasper for-god-knows-what. I did not know what happened between them. BengShiang then threw the chair at him but missed and it shattered two window panels. Yeah, my particles flew to my hair and luckily, not my eye. Oh well, the class is experiencing a catastrophe!

After school, went to Suntec City, along with Mr Kung and Garrick to purchase the Jobweek prizes. Bought a lot of camping equipment and some carabiners. The prizes looked great and i think that all the guys out there would wanna chiong their Jobweek to get them!

I can feel that 3D is experiencing a lot of problems. Like people not coming to school often, skipping lessons, paper wars, etc. I can really feel that 3D is a lot similar to my previous class, 3B. Well, all i can do now is to wish the class all the best in the future. Hopefully, we would start anew and study hard.

That's all folks! Goodnight everybody!

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