March 3, 2007

Boring day..

Went for Scouts early in the morning like 7am.. Used to it already.. Wake up and muscle aches everywhere, maybe even "there".. Feeling so cold and hands trembling slightly. Took my uniform and chiong-ed to school..

I do not wish to elaborate any further.. The Scout meeting is waaaaaay too long, hard to explain. And of course, i failed my summary skills..

Came home after the meeting with a present, a knee cramp. Thanks alot!

To make my day more boring, i sleep for 5 hours straight.

Woke up and played Flyff. Finally leveled to 28.. Tomorrow, i can smell 30..

I want to settle this fast. I want this message to spread throughout my past classmates in Sec 1 and 2. I do not like the girl already. Please stop fucking me up with this history. You want to fuck me up, fine. I'll just fuck you double the times harder. And one more thing, please do not associate me with any girl, like "wah! this girl sitting next to you, you like ah?". I'll would love to give you a face make-up.

Next week is the last week of the term already. Feeling kinda bored again since the first day of the holiday is my Scout Jobweek.. Go people house do housework and earn money.. There was a time when i was Sec 1 and i was solo, i went to a condominium and washed a car for one of my customers. Guess what, i got $2 from him. Fucking cheapskate.

If anyone of you all want me to work for you for awhile, please inform me which i think you wouldn't. LOL!

Oh ya, pardon me for those vulgarities. Just fucking pissed. Oops, i said it again!

Goodnight guys..

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