March 24, 2007

First of all.. Reply of tags.
Shun Hui: You didn't notice meh, most CCA teachers actually sabotage their own people!
Jiemin: LOL, what can i say, today's already over =X
Zhengyee: I know Seawater = Saltwater, but i wonder why the class wow-ed at that.. Ya, friends are the ones that helps you the most. Even the fact is, your friends are even more precious than your parents although in general, your parents are more precious.

Yesterday was one of the worst Scout meetings ever. Could this be retribution for not apologizing to Hong Liang? Maybe, because the sky started to rain on us DURING the activities. There goes my swinging rope.. Then PLC, including me, got punished by Prash and did quite a lot of push ups. Ran like mad to rush people and got drenched as a result. Just one word to describe it all, "SUAY!"

So tired, woke up at 5.00am and washed myself. Trying to stay awake so i drank some coffee. Today, me, Derrick, Kaijie, Weeleng, Jasper along with 3 other girls, Jiemin, Shuting and Ming Xian, went to watch Mr Bean's holiday! LMAO, it's my first time going out with girls and a big group of boys. Oh well, i'm sort of the type that always stays at home, never exploring the world outside.

Mr Bean's holiday was great! I admit that i'm the one who laughs the loudest in the cinema. Well, i'm just being myself and nobody else. The ticket cost $9.50! I was like stunned. I never watched movies for like 6 months and the price of tickets gone up? Actually, it's worth it. The movie was freaking hilarious! And, i chewed on the straw throughout the movie, a bad habit eh? And ya, thanks to the girls for sharing their tidbits with us! Once again, thanks!

After the movie, we went to PC Bunk only to know that it's full. And there wrote, "Please come back after 1hr". I predicted that we won't be able to get place in there, no chance in hell. Then the girls wanted to take neoprints. I backed out, first time taking neoprints, i'm feeling too ugly and fat so i didn't want to destroy the prints. Well, if the all the boys are willing, i would take. But in the end, Derrick and Weeleng took with them =P

Then Derrick and Jasper got to go. Weeleng suggested that me, Kaijie and him accompany the girls for awhile. Went to a musical instrument store, and explore the musical "weapons'. I wanted a drum set, because i like rock songs. Guitars are cool too! Then went to a piano store, and messed with the keys. After that, the boys chit-chat-ed with the girls and then got "separated" in the end.

We decided to go back home yeah. Kaijie went back home himself and i accompanied Weeleng to the bus stop. Talked about some history of 2D and he went home in bus 65. I walked home since PS was kinda near my house. Listened my MP3 on the way back.

Reached home and took a bath. I slept for awhile since i did not slept well yesterday. Sent a lot of Techno songs to Weeleng and slept again while the songs are transfered to him. Played Audition and trying everything just to reach Lvl. 7! F__k, i'm like Lvl. 6 for 3 months already!

I don't know why, but i got this feeling of guilt. I don't know what i have done, but my heart just feels tight. Punch me, kick me, throw me or whatever. I just want this feeling off of me.. Maybe i just need a good rest.

Ya, sleeping early tonight and chiong-ing my homework tomorrow!

Thanks for organizing the movie outing today. The movie is what i need to get some stress off of me!

Well, to end it all. Goodnight!

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