March 31, 2007

Yo guys! Long time never blog already, actually it's only 2 days.. LMAO..
Anyway, to start it off, reply of tags!
Kimberly: Yeah, updating now.. RELAX! You sounded stiff..
Carmel: Hi Carmel! You too, take care!
Justin: Set lah! Tomorrow! Watch movie first then basketball! Steady boh!
Jiemin: I dont even know PS well enough. I'm the type who always stays at home, not exploring the world outside..

Just to write about what happen two days ago..
I'm jumping ahead to the Sports Fiesta.

Yeah, the sports fiesta was freaking fun. But unfortunately, me, Weeleng and Arthur did not win our basketball match, which was against 3A. There was Jack, Guohao, Junyang and another person whom i do not know. They were good, and managed to cap it at 15-12.. Then hanged around with Arthur, Weeleng, Danilo, Kaijie, Hock Zheng and Mun Tat in the school, seeing people fainting, road relays and other stalls! Then watched a Floorball match at the 3rd level. It was Pupils versus Teachers, in the end, the pupils won. Danilo had to go for Friday prayers, i was bored until Mr Pari and Edwin told me that i need to go up to the classroom to get the new time table.

When we received the time table, the class burst out arguments and vulgarities. I took a closer look at the time table. I was quiet but my mind went "WTF?". School start at 8am+ is good lah but ends at 5pm+ is HELL NO! In the end, it was all a false alarm and we are supposed to follow the normal school times and follow the new time table.

About today..
Woke up at 5am.. Prepared my Scout stuffs and went to school. Actually i didn't feel like coming for Scouts, because i had minor sprain on my left ankle.. Since it's minor, i didn't cared about it.. Today is campfire preparation cum dry run.. The campfire layout was nice! I have a feeling that the campfire will be a success!

PLC 06/07, let's bring down the house this campfire! This is the only way to show how much we done as PLs for SCOUTS! LET THE DRAGONS ROAR!

That's all..

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