March 25, 2007

Today's a real boring day, well because it's SUNDAY!
And ya, it's freaking HOT too!

Woke up at 12pm. Pretty late for me! Then went for lunch straight away.. Started playing Audition with Weeleng and his friend, Kevin (Not 3D's Kevin). As usual, i'm always at the last position. I'm still very noob at Audition. LMAO. Played until Weeleng level-ed up. Both are freaking pros!

Slept for awhile in the afternoon. Then played Audition with Charlene. Man, she's another freaking pro! I got trashed by her, same goes for Weeleng and Kevin.. Aw man, i'm so easily trashed.. They all say that i'm improving, but i don't feel any difference.. Well, i could perform more perfects though.. There was one thing that Charlene mention, that Scouts are GOH for this year's Speech Day.. Oh godammit, i almost forgot that..

The Scout's discipline is WAY too low, too rowdy to perform footdrill.. I wonder how Scouts is gonna do the GOH this year. Is it better to practice now, or practice 2 months before Speech Day. I don't know.

I seriously want Hong Liang back to PLC. He's the only one who can control us. Please do not call Scouts, dogs, like what Zhixun said. Mention that once again, and i'll break your face, your body and your genitals. Calling Scouts dogs is as good as calling me one, so back off.

Well, that's it for today.. I have not even done my homework.. So much for "chionging homework tomorrow"..

Goodnight, have a good rest!

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