March 5, 2007

Don't know why today, my face is like dull.. Didn't feel like coming school actually..

First period was Mother Tongue. Felt like sleeping but didn't in the end.. What was this feeling i having right now.

Then next was Physics. The new Physics teacher came and her name was Ms Leng. Then she ask me setup the computer to the console, my eyes opened. She owns a VAIO and the carbon fibre texture on the computer was totally cool! But too bad, it doesn't really support the console.

Then Maths. Mr Kung gave us back all the test papers from last week. I got a 15/30, nothing to be proud of, even Danial agrees. I also heard that there are only 5 passes and the rest failed. I just hope that the class will progress well for the Mid-year Exams.

Social Studies, needless to say. JUST SLACKKKKK.

Recess; played basketball. I noticed that one of the basketball board's ring got detached! Wow, i wonder who slam-dunk-eddd that!

English. Awww man, Mr Tan ain't teaching anymore i guess. Mr Chan took over us. In a few days, Mr Chan got a few nicknames. Like, The ROCK! LOL! Speechless man, imagine him as the rock, and he will give ya a ROCK BOTTOM and end off with PEOPLE'S ELBOW! Haha, watched too much WWE..

Ah fuck the reading periods, boring as hell.. I would definitely appeal for extra Maths or English lessons. Since the class doesn't want extra lessons, i might as well "mai cha!".

Went for tuition later on. Revised on my Quadratic Eqs and my Manipulations.

Went home with a dull face, looking like someone who had murdered some hobo..

Maybe i need more sleep..

However, i feel that most of my friends are drifting away from me.. It's like they don't even give me a SMILE.. I said "hello" and it's like they treat me as a stranger.. Maybe i retained, but i'm still JOHN.. JOHN never changes, the same old fat ass who retained cos he got like 2 subject passes.. Please la, if you think that way, you don't even deserve to be my friend. If you look at my qualifications instead of my character, oh well.. Maybe this is the retained side effect ehh? Maybe..

Maybe i'm just thinking too much, just punch me yeah?

Thank you..

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