March 21, 2007

Super enthusiastic today. Don't know where i got this energy from. LOL!

Anyway, today at least not boring. Woke up and was delighted to see that it's raining. Means, we do not have to assemble on the arena! Went to school early, and there's no people at all. Went up to the classroom and listening my MP3 all the way. Had to accompany Danilo to get that freaking master key from that lady. Took over 25 minutes just to get that key. She kept on complaining why we lost the key. F__k, it's not as if it's our fault right? Finally opened the class before the anthem starts.

First lesson of the DAY! English o.O
Saw Mr Chan and ANOTHER trainee teacher. Are trainee teachers the trend nowadays? Anyway, Mr Chan spoke to the class about his feelings. Nothing to comment about that. Basically, almost all teachers said that they are from Normal Academic or Technical.

Second and Third lesson of the DAY? Physics!
The Physics periods were kinda screwed up. Ms Leng thought that the Physics lesson starts at the second period. As a result, we got a free period and guys kicking bottles everywhere. MS Leng didn't have much to teach after she came for the second period. What to do? Blame on the teacher who GAVE you the time table!

Slept all the waaaaaaaay............................

Fifth lesson of the DAY?!? MATHS!
Mr Kung once again, have not gone through the holiday assignments yet. And ya, i freaking loving the 3rd formula taught by him. So easy to do, and it kills any equation that comes in your way! LOL, Mr Kung's fantasies..

Stayed in class.. And listened to my MP3 for 30 minutes.. And the battery died.. In front of me.. OMG! R.I.P! BOOHOO! CRY ME A RIVER!

Sixth and Seventh lesson of the DAY! HIS STORY!!!!!!!!
Mr Lim gave the class some history questions. We did it and i'm supposed to do question 8. Did not know how to do. Lucky, Mr Lim gave me some hints. Thanks man!

Eighth and Ninth lesson of the DAY! SEX! (Actually, it's sexuality education.. =x)
Everyone's most fave-d period. SEX! Anyway, we're not talking about sex today. The speaker today touched on BGR. We're like suppose to fill up a form and pass it up at the end of the period. There was one part where we must close our eyes and see someone? Some people were like, "Omg, i see people f__king each other up!" , "WAH, ORAL SIA!". I, myself, did see a girl.. She was smiling eh.. Did not catch the face.. Oh well, how could i even believe this kinda stuff.

After school, went home straight away because there will air con service coming to my house to fix my air con. It's always dripping water, no idea why.

Anyway, that's it for today!

Have a good night's rest and seeya tomorrow!

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