March 22, 2007


Everything's normal today. Maybe a bit too normal.. Ya, too normal already.. Well, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

Anyway, back to topic. Assembly, yayapapaya.. Then went with Danilo to look for Master Key auntie again. The auntie super complain queen, complain like there's no tomorrow.. What in the blue hell..

First period was maths. Then Mr Kung brought the wrong set of answers to class and we did not do much the one period. Then Mr Giam came into our class and started addressing us. He said mostly on how lucky is our class to have a smaller size population than the other classes. Don't you guys feel lucky to have a small class, rather than a big class where most people can't study?

Next period was 2 periods of English. Didn't know why Mr Chan did not came into our class. In the end, some malay female teacher came to relief us. Talked with Kaiz and the others. Talk about gaming and stuff. We also talked about this Sat for the movie. I feeling sian now, got 3 girls come, i'm sure to get nervous LMAO. Ya, whatever.. My weakness yeah..

Then next was Chemistry. Did a bit of paperwork and then went down to the Chemistry lab and will be making sea water. OMG, Ms Mah is like the most grand one around here.. She merely just mixed salt with water and it come out "SEAWATER"! The class went "WOW" and me too! Simply hilarious..

Recess.. Stayed in class until the class key is remade.. It's so goddamn dangerous to put your stuffs in class. I already lost 6 of my fully filled Pilot G2 pens.. That's like $16 wasted already..

Then it was Chinese.. Really nothing to do at all. The class is doing some sort of paper work so didn't want to disturb them.

SS was next. Heard that Ms Joseph didn't want to teach us anymore.. I was like "WTF".. Danilo already put in so much effort in the SS PowerPoint and she just leaves us like that? I know that the class cannot be tolerated, but at least let those who wanna learn do the presentation dude..

Mr Lim came for the last period to relief us. Listened to groups singing Chinese songs. Kinda nice and smooth. I didn't want to sing Collide.. I'm more of a Green Day fan.. I like fast songs and some RNB.

After school, carried Mr Lim's guitar all the way to the staffroom. Then Ms Shirley Tan gave me something encouraging.. She has been helping me since i was Sec 2.. I was a chairman back then and the class is super rowdy, the kind of class you wouldn't want to take when your a teacher. I cried on the second of me being a chairman, and ya, i was a bit timid that time. The guys roared "WAH CHAIRMAN BIG F*** AH?", cannot be controlled.. We had "regular" visits by Mr Mui and i had to sacrifice a lot for the class. Which brought in my studies, and it dropped a lot.. I had a lot of stress too. Well, all teachers except Ms Tan and maybe a few others like Ms Chui, Mdm Foo, Mr Low etc, always gave the same answers like managing your time properly..

Enough of that, now to Scouts.. Had to finish an obstacle course for tomorrow's friday meeting. Mine was a rope swinging obstacle where the person had to cross a river by using only the rope and nothing else.. Hope tomorrow's meeting would be a success!

Looking forward to this Sat for the movie and 2 hours in PC Bunk. Hope that more people will come for the outing yeah. Hopefully, i will make new friends! I'm friendly, okay..

Okay, goodnight and have a good rest!

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