April 17, 2007

Good evening!
Btw, i stole the keyboard and mouse from my mother's hiding place. LOL.

Firstly, reply of tags!
Jessie: Good morning!
Zhengyee: Walao, don't like that lah. I also good boy one.
Weeleng: Wah, so early tag. Thanks for tagging! I think my test fail liao le..
Gary: Thanks! Btw, he's recovering already. Wish him a speedy recovery.

Anyway, back to blogging.
First period of the day was Chemistry. F__k, i didn't know that there was a test today! I guess that i'm gonna fail the Chemistry test badly. I did it so fast, and obviously, i rushed through the paper. My paper would be an easy one to mark for Ms Mah..

Next was Maths. The only period where everyone in 3D keeps quiet. Did some work.

Next was English. I'm beginning to find Mr Chan's lesson boring. Well, most of the time is just work, work and work. I actually thought that English is meant to be interesting, but not now. I'm not saying that Mr Chan's a lousy teacher, it's just that his method of teaching does not suit me. In the end, i still finished his class work.

Recess was next, listened to my MP3. Feeling guilty for not going TAF. Going for it starting from tomorrow. My MP3 got freaking confiscated by Mr Derek Tan. I was like "WTF?", even i can't even keep my MP3 is it? Seriously, you do need to find some concrete evidence before you even open your mouth. Well, as Derrick said, it's just "suay". But, i'm not happy.

History was next, sat with Kaijie and Derrick. Kaijie and Derrick kept on psycho-ing me of losing my MP3. Argh, almost beat up Derrick man.. He lucky only, LOL!

Chinese lesson was next, Ms Foong asked the class to go out and sit down, while me and some other guys went back to the class to arrange the tables in exam order. Ms Foong asked Kenneth to write down the names on the white board and said that they will be given merit points. As always, we get blamed for doing the correct things. What to do, this is life.

The assembly was next. Once again, i got "paiseh" and went to the stage to speak Malay. I was greeting a girl from the Sec 4 express classes. I guess i'm used to it already, since i did not sweat at all, only when i got back to the class and many guys started saying out my name.

Went to see that Derek Tan. He talked to me in some manner which i do not like. He said he will give it back to me this Friday. F__k, if he do not give it back to me this Friday, you all see what i do to him. Better be a man of your words.

Had to go for a scout meeting with the new PLC today. My new secretary is Tavence and my PL of course is Swee Hong. Good luck to them in the future.

Anyway, gotta go now.

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