April 5, 2007

Good evening!
Firstly, reply of tags!

Kimberly: What the hell? Please do not quit!
Justin: Hey thanks man!
Zhengyee: Well, i can see the shiny bit in his eyes. It's not much tears, only a bit. And thanks!
Jessie: Oh ya, you haven't heard my weakness against girls yet. I don't really to talk to girls though, maybe a "Hi" would be ok.. Btw, sorry!
Shunhui: LOL, maybe he's not la.. Not too sure also..
Jiemin: LOL dead.

Back to topic!

Today was so called the last day of the week because tomorrow's Good Friday. Everything seems normal. During assembly, Mr AJ once again, roared and together with the NCC and the basketball team who had won a match with some school. It seems embarrassing but good job to the basketball team! Teased Danilo like mad. He kept on whacking my back like there's no tomorrow. Heh, i used my fist and he's gone, in the wind. LOL.

English was next. I find the English lessons too freaking normal. Everything Mr Chan teaches goes by the syllabus. He never talks off topic. We did class work everyday without fail. I have no problems with him, it's just that, his lessons are just too boring!

Maths was next. Mr Kung roared again today. "STANNNNNND UP! STANNNNNNNNNNNNND UP!", yeah i was like "WTF" when he screamed. My heart almost stopped. Mr Kung likes to scare people eh?

Social Studies was next. Mr Ganesh took over the lessons for today. He said that he's a first timer in SS and he hopes that the class co-operates with him. In my opinion, he has potential in teaching SS! His lessons are interesting and he shared many facts and experiences of his own with the class. The good thing is, he doesn't go by the book, which is in fact, boring!

Recess was next, watched Weeleng and Danilo play Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection. It's damn cool and i'm tempted to get it! Played music on the console. Guess that not many people like Techno..

And it's DOUBLE SCIENCE DAY! Chemistry was next, did some filing up in the purple file. Ms Mah even said that the file is your so called "passport" into the Chemistry lab. LMAO. Watched Ms Mah perform an experiment of acquiring pure alcohol from a mixed up alcohol and some other stuff. Yeah, we had fun in her lesson while some peeps outside were playing around.

Physics was next. Ms Leng was absent and Ms Tay took over. Her lessons were good too. She doesn't go by the book and uses slide shows to teach. That's all for school day!

Had to stay back to see Hong Liang as a PLC. I was actually thinking of what words to say to him. It's been like 1 month since Hong Liang ever talked to us. I already knew something was going wrong, but i did not take any actions as i was paranoid. Hong Liang is the kind of person who is simple, like what Ganesh said. As long as you are doing your role as your appointment, he can see that you are working hard.

And then, we met Hong Liang in the Physics lab. We had a heart to heart talk together for well over 1.5 hours. He has ended the cold war between us, but he still doesn't want to turn up for the dinner tomorrow.. Well, there's actually no point for him to come. Since PLC have not grown up as he said, he feels that there's no need for him to show up. He rather reflect on what he has done and remedy the mistake. Good luck to him anyway.

That's all for today!
Good Friday's tomorrow!
Have a good day!

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