May 2, 2007

Like yesterday, it rained horribly again this morning, around 4am. Could not sleep well as the roaring thunders kept on nudging my house. The good thing about it is that the school do not have to assemble on the arena itself for assembly. But no PE! I would rather it rain on the examination dates!

No PE today. So the class did their own stuffs in the classroom, playing handphones, doing revision etc. Yeah, all i did was slack..

Did some corrections for MYE 06 Paper 2. I think i'm gonna fail badly once again..

Finally finished the D&T folio for the MYE. So bored..

Recess time! Played music on the console, a lot of techno songs! Then more people came and played wrestling on the big space in the classroom! A lot of tumbling here and there! LOL! Should have taken some pictures but Derrick was using my phone.. Sad.

Chemistry. It's obvious that Ms Mah really doesn't care about us anymore. She just teaches by the book and the syllabus. No wonder it's so boring.

Chinese. Slack period.

English.. Did a English examination paper as revision of tomorrow's paper. Seems quite hard though. Mr Chan also passed around a sheet for CA1 English. Glad to see that i passed, 53/100. Seems too close!

Went home after school today.

Tomorrow's paper is gonna be hard. I can forsee it! Anyway, good luck to myself and to you too!


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