May 4, 2007

Good evening everybody! Exams are out for the moment and will resume next week!

Firstly, reply of tags.
JUSTIN: Man, yer sick. And what "advertisement"?
GARY: Thanks Gary! I just enlarged it and changed its font to make nicer!
JIEMIN: Saturday who will go.. If after school, i don't mind.
FAISAL: I want AC Milan to win.. Relax ah, don't bash me up!

Today's CLB paper *cough* was pretty hard. No joking, i couldn't even read any of the passages in the paper and i just randomly pick an answer. Maybe the luck aura be with me..

The Physics was moderate. The time is just not enough, should make it 1 hour and 30 minutes. But still, i finished the last question of the paper in time and do not have enough time to check through the papers. Crossing my fingers till the results!

Did nothing much today. Just made a movie about me playing Unreal Tournament 2003. The embed video is below. Enjoy and leave some comments on how i can improve on my next video yeah! Thanks!

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