May 10, 2007

Reply of TAGS.
Jiayi; Hey no problem! Good luck for that competition!
Jiemin; The movie was cool and heart-throbbing! Why didn't you go? Not enough money?
Weeleng; Hey, friends forever yeah! Btw, i really doubt i can even get my PSP..

Good evening y'all!
Examinations are out, for us that is. The Express students still have their A-Maths i guess. Well, good luck to them! Chemistry was really freaking easy! I managed to complete the paper in 35 minutes!

Watched Spiderman 3 with Derrick, Mun Tat and Kaijie. Before that, me, Danilo and Derrick were at Great World City playing Maximum Tune. I'm a noob in driving so i played Time Crisis 4 and House Of The Dead 4. Both games were fun! Around 12pm, we went back to Tiong, but Danilo had to go.

Overall, the movie is very nice. The sound effects and graphics were top-notch and i was totally hooked into it!

Went back home after that.

As in my MSN nick, i wrote that " While others are happily enjoying their life after the exams, i still have to get on with scouts..". Yeah, had to get on with scouts as i'm a retained student. I'm still a PL and i'm basically doing the same things as last year!

Maybe my imagination is running far. Who knows, maybe this year, scouts will be more fun and exciting. Well, my previous PLC would say that it's impossible. I'm gonna make it happen, hopefully.

My chances of getting a PSP are low. I'm pretty sure that my Maths will flunk, Humanities is guaranteed failed, Science may have some hope and for D&T, i have to depend on my folio to get more marks. I did not meet my goals with my current estimations. Sorry Mum, but i did not meet your target. Sad man..

Now, we are all left with 4 days of grace till the exam results. Some will show black faces, some will shine and some will, well i don't know.

I can only hope for the best, not the worse please.

Got to go now, bye!

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