May 22, 2007

Reply of tags!
Yiren; Somehow, i need Mr Huang back again..
Jiemin; LOL, got another version? Haha, i go search.. Now everyone look at me and the first thing they say is.. "THE PLEDGE!".. t(-.-t)
Justin; LOL, your marks?
Kimberly; WOW! How nice of you!
Gary; Man, reciting the pledge isn't some easy job. Especially if you are the kind who is not exposed to this kind of shit. You can even see me sweating like mad over there.
Shuting; Aiyo! Lemme enlighten you. I retained and got into class 3D. Haha, i still remember when you first added me in friendster LOL.
Zhengyee; I haven got my PSP yet. Getting after the Year 3 camp. Wah.. Enough of the pledge lehhhhh!
Gary; Yah! Last man standing! GODLIKE!

Argh, got back my report book!
It really sucks man!
My class position is 14/28 and my level is 61/80. Zzz.
At least i got top for English eh. I wonder which are the top English students from the other classes.

Anyway, enough of that.
Daddy called at 3pm today!
His 2nd operation was a success!
Man, i was like "PHEW!"
After that, went to play Maximum Tune with Derrick and Danilo at Plaza Singapura.
First timer sia!
But of course, first timers played like freaking noobs.
Luckily, the people there didn't do anything to discourage me.
Played a lot of races, improving my skills in drifting.
I think i'm getting addicted to it already..

After that, went Pastamania with them.
Was totally broke after the race..
Seeing Derrick eat, makes me wanna steal his food and laugh!
Nah, i'm not so bad.
Went to PC Bunk with Derrick, Danilo had to go home..
LOL, Derrick helped me earn some Dens in Audition!
Thanks man! Maybe i'm quite near to my Lvl 9 License!
Seeing how Derrick play arh, i feel damn lowwwwww!
He's like 8k + Chancing, i'm like 4k all the wayyyyy!
Zzz, time to train on 8k.. But no chance yet, it's so mind-bulging.

Derrick wanted to play Maximum Tune again.
So we went there again, and the pros are still there looking for challengers.
Just earlier, me, Derrick and that pro were racing each other.
As a noob, it's a must to get last. =P
I guess he's too rich that he had to spend money everyday..
Went home after that.

I'm too lazy to pack my things now.
I guess i'll do it tomorrow..

Till then, i'm not gonna blog until Sunday when i reach back Singapore from Pahang.
If there's a computer in Pahang, maybe i'll blog ehh.

Gotta sleep now. Too damn tired.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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