May 16, 2007

Not getting a PSP anymore.
My results:
English = 45/80 (Paper2)
Maths = 16/100 (Total) <- The most terrifying of all..
Science = 28/50 (Chemistry)
Humanities = Unknown
D&T = 57/100 (Total)
CLB = Unknown
Total passes = 2
Target for PSP = 4

Impossible already. Unless i scored freaking high in Physics, i can dream of getting one. Counting on the MCQ questions of the Physics paper, and hopefully get some decent marks to pass Science! Humanities is definitely gone case for me.

Daddy went on operation this morning, 6am. Has not called since, freaking worried. But still, i'll be rooting for you! You will survive no matter what.

The assembly today morning got stretched until there is no PE. We get to watch a guy getting caned, prize giving ceremony and hear Mr Giam talk. Almost slept again, because Mr Giam is talking! Did not have PE as a result. Edwin told the class about the class cheers, dance and skit preparations before the Year 3 camp. I was asked to do the class cheer, i was disappointed. Unless 3D is super duper united as a class, we can forget about doing a class cheer. Danilo and Jiemin got appointed as the skit and dance in-charges respectively.

After that was Maths. Oh damn, i can't stand looking at the Maths paper. It kinda wanna make me puke blood on it. I actually found Paper 2 much, much easier than Paper 1, weird huh?

D&T was next. I was with utmost delight when i saw my D&T marks! Yeah, i passed. Did not go through the papers though, instead, Mr Kwan asked us to study the next chapter, Mechanisms. Did not read much, just talking dirty with Danilo and Siraj.

Recess was next, played music on the console, then Danilo, then Bengshiang. Nearing the end of recess, i played again on the console. Went back to my seat as soon as a teacher walked by, i do not want to end up again like last time where Mr Derek Tan caught me using it and confiscated my MP3. I panicked like some soldier on a battlefield.

Chemistry was next. Ms Mah allowed us to do our own stuffs.

Chinese was next. Slept, talked crap.

English. I was very eager to know my English marks, and yeah, Jasper got top for English. I was satisfied with my marks. Did corrections and went to the canteen.

Hanged out with old friends in the canteen, talking crap and stuff. Suddenly talked about Maplestory. A bit sian-ed. Went to the bus stop with Qizhi, and then went home!

Daddy have not called yet. I getting worried..

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