May 15, 2007

Good evening!

Kinda woke up late today, so reached school very early. Don't know why, but it's like that. Went to check the pledge taking sheet, looked at it and *phew*. Mr Pari kinda scared me when he said to me last week that i'll be taking the pledge today. It rained today morning, kinda unexpected. So went back to class and listen MP3. I told Asha and Jiemin about the pledge thing, Jiemin seems shocked and Asha's straight answer was "wah, pon school already!". I guess i'm too trustworthy already until Mr Pari make used of me. Arghh!

Got back my Chemistry paper today. I passed but i ain't smiling because i already failed Physics. If only Science was one individual subject, maybe i can score higher. I officially failed SCIENCE! Shan Yang was beside me saying that "i'm higher than you in Chemistry". Please, there are limits to one's actions, so don't take it too far. I don't find being the highest any fun at all. All in all, if i passed with decent marks, i'm contented already. I do not need to be the highest to put a smile on my face!

MATHS! MATHS! MATHS! I FAILED MATHS! The class only Peng Zhen passed with 54 marks. I guess the paper was a bit "express" standard yeah. I think so too. Mr Kung kinda overlooked us and maybe set up an Express paper to challenge us, i guess..

*bangs head on the wall, runs around half-naked, punches some watermelons, scream like some mother-f**ker, whine like some 10-year old kid, moonwalks to the toilet, puke blood on the toilet sink, shakes head to wake up idea, sang to the heart's content and finally, drop dead*

I cannot imagine, not knowing the English marks. I'm like, way beyond my level of agony and grief already and the English papers are not marked finished? If ever i would fail English at least ONCE, i would kill myself seriously. I would let Derrick, Mun Tat and Tajinder sit on me till i suffocate. Argh, i was pissed...

Went to the hall after recess. Mr Giam is like some hypnotist or something! Everytime he talks, i will sleep. It does not apply in me, i see other people sleeping too!

Kinda excited about the Year 3 camp. Sounds fun!

Well, i'm set for tomorrow, for some unhappy results..


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