May 17, 2007

Reply of tags!
Justin; Your marks err.. Okay, yer freaking ownage!
Shunhui; Ya.. No PSP.. SAD!
Jiemin; Haha, can see you at there nervous LOL.
Zhaohong; Yoyo xD!

My exam marks! *Updated*
English 65/100 (Overall/Final) <- WHEE! I got top in the class!
Maths 16/100 (Overall/Final) <- My best marks. Eh c'mon, you've gotta be joking!
Science 37/100 (Overall/Final) <- Speechless..
Humanities Unknown
CLB Passed but don't know the marks.
D&T 57/100 (Overall/Final) <- Yeah, baby!
Total passes = 3/6
Target for PSP = 4/6

Awwwwww man! I will definitely not get my PSP already, unless some miracle happens in Humanities. Otherwise, i will have to wait till End Year examinations to purchase a PSP. History is a confirmed fail for me and i hope Social Studies pass, i wrote so much words and maybe i could get some decent marks.

Assembly, after the flag-raising ceremony, there is a prize giving session again.

Maths was next. Mr Kung ain't feeling too good at that moment. His face looks as if he gonna throw up any minute. He said that the cause of his illness is by eating Long John Silver's fast food in the night and he vomited two times! I wonder what's in the food that makes him queasy. Anyway, i heard from Jiemin that he isn't coming to school tomorrow, it's like the first time he applied for medical leave! Oh well, no man is invincible right?

Social Studies was next. Mr Tan did not come today. Mr Lim aka LCB took over. He started off by reinforcing the values of the START procedure. He even said that if those people does not state what each letter means, that guy is gonna stay back and gay with him! Man, i started to panic already and started asking Danilo to give me the class diary, which have the START values. In the end, nobody is staying back. After that, we cleaned up the class under his orders. Freaking boring!

Chemistry was next. Ms Mah once again, allowed us to do our own stuffs. I wondered when is she gonna start lesson proper...

Recess was next! Class wrestling! Check out the video below!

The Fall of the Big Man

Random Wrestlers!

Chinese was next. Get to stay in class for Chinese, as the Chinese pupils are supposed to go to the IT Room. Stayed back and watched Jasper play his PSP, played my phone after a while.

English was next. While setting up the visualizer, Ms Lim suddenly told me that i got the highest overall in the class! I almost jumped for joy, don't want to look too childish! I was carrying a smile for almost the whole lesson.

Went home after that.

Daddy called. His operation got postponed to today.. Another burden for me, i just wish for everything to be normal. Please, God. Help my Daddy to recover, i know that my Daddy already realized his mistakes. Please do not punish him!

I guess i'm not coming for Scouts tomorrow, because of the rain which happened this afternoon. I was walking back to my home on foot under the rain, until a tree bark landed on my left arm. I was like "AH! FUCK GODAMMIT!". There were not injuries though, but it feels rusty when i move my arm. It hurts when i close my arms. Have to produce a MC before Tuesday! Sorry, SCOUTERS!

Anyway, i have to go now. Bye!

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