May 18, 2007

Reply of tags!
Guest; LOL! My voice is pretty loud yeah..
Justin; Thanks, i really hope he gets better..
Jiayi; Thanks! I think i'm not having much luck at the results.. =)))))
Kimberly; Thanks!
Kimberly; Kinda lazy ah, takes time to make a perfect movie!
Jiemin; He really never come, LOL. Did not see his car in the morning..
Jiemin; Really? Well, i was too engrossed on the wrestling yeah, never take on the sides..
Justin; Eh.. I rather watch WWE in the TV.. But it ain't showing on Channel 5 already..

Feeling rather sian in the morning. Actually, i already knew that i'll be taking the pledge today. No no, no teachers told me nor my friends. It's just my own prediction. Well, it really happened though. Luckily, i was mentally prepared. I guess i kinda screwed up the pledge, oh well.

My exam marks! *Updated*
English 65/100 (Overall/Final)
Maths 16/100 (Overall/Final)
Science 37/100 (Overall/Final)
Humanities 6/50 (History) T.T
CLB Passed but don't know the marks.
D&T 57/100 (Overall/Final)
Total passes = 3/6
Target for PSP = 4/6

First period was D&T. Chatted with Mr Kwan, Siraj, Zulhaqem and Chengjun. Talking about ghost stories, LOL. It seems that Zulhaqem had encountered a ghost before, or maybe another species? They all shared each other, their experiences and whatever.

English was next. Did some classwork and handed in to the teacher. Overall, free period.

Maths was next. Overall free period.

Recess was next. The whole class almost kena by Hong Liang LOL. Usually he would shout to the whole class, something like Mr Kung's old style. What i can say is, we damn LUCKY! Before he went into the class, we are supposed to tidy up the class. He came in and started off by saying what we have done during recess and what to do to mend them. In the end, the center ring got occupied by other tables and chairs. He later shared with us his experience at Taman Negara. He said that mosquitoes will not breed if we keep the place clean.

Another thing, he said that leeches are the most common there. I kena before, LOL. There was no pain, after i found it, i did not know anything and just removed it from my arm. And yes, there was blood flushing out. Aw man, it was painless but it's not a good sight at all. Anyway, the scar disappear from time to time already. Oh well, so much for that..

Physics was next, Ms Tay was very kind to let us finish the Physics corrections and have the rest of the period to ourselves. Somehow, i feel that the next term will be a successful one, don't know, just got the gut feeling.

Went home after that.

Well, that's all for today yeah. BYE!

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