May 14, 2007

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Today went to some KTV in Chinatown with Derrick, Weeleng, Boon Keat, Jiemin, Ming Xian and Shuting. Hah, it doesn't look like the usual K-Boxes and K-sters. Well, at least it has a POOL TABLE! Spent $8 while playing pool. Sian-ed, lost to Weeleng and Boon Keat all the time. It's been how long since i played pool man!

I did not sing much because all of them were singing Chinese songs. Haha! Those who know me well, i don't really have the word "singing" in my head. Oh well, i do sing alone, but i don't people to hear my low, voice, xD! Most of the time, i'm playing Weeleng's PSP or playing and watching pool outside the KTV room.

Yeah, Boon Keat got tortured like NO MOTHER, NO FATHER, NO DOG, NO CAT (Okay lah, i'm exaggerating a wee bit!). LOL, he tortured up and down, left to right. So poor thing. He got bullied by all of us, i guess except for Weeleng. Derrick sat on him like some Rikishi move, i nearly suffocated him, Shuting and Ming Xian tag team pillow fight with him, all the girls assaulted him once! The poor cat got beaten up real badly..

After the KTV session, me, Derrick, Weeleng, Jiemin and Shuting dined at Han's for some Pasta or so. I eat Spaghetti with Ham. The rest have their own choices. After that, went home. Went to the MRT with Derrick, i kinda disturb with him with some name starting with the letter "J", but of course, it ain't me, it ain't Jiemin. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I think i said the name like 20 times. LOL!

Anyway, tomorrow got school already. Bored. I wished this day never ends!
Gotta sleep now! Bye!

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