May 20, 2007

the day of flashbacks

Hi all..!
Finally a post to cover the Maple post?
Haha! Whenever the Maple post loads, my computer lags!

Anyway, i have nothing to do today..
I already packed my camping stuffs inside a backpack..
Somehow, i feel that bringing a backpack will make me the odd one out!
I don't know why
Some of my friends are bringing luggages!
Well, they
DO know that i'm a scout!

But still, a scout will have things missing!
1. First Aid Kit (Mun Tat told me not to bring, as many others have it too!)
2. Sunscreen; buying this Monday.
3. Insect Repellent
4. 2 more black shirts (Eh, i don't mind showing my nipples! Joking!)
5. Disposable underwear? HELL NO!
6. Portable Head Torchlight (Sounds expensive)
7. Sanitary Pads?! (Can anyone enlighten me on this?)
8. Sweater/Windbreaker (I don't think i need it, i already got an "armor"!)

Feeling excited about next week's Year 3 camp.
I bet it's gonna be more fun and exciting than last year..
But i missed last year's camp for some reason..
That is, my friends..
We were, like so united!
We laughed, joked about dirty things, disturbed teachers and many more!
I really missed those days when we are together, as one!
And now, everything's changed..
Without friendship, there goes 2/4 of your life!

I was looking back at my past testimonials in Friendster..
Haha! I loved those days!
I even remembered how me and some of my friends compete each other by getting the most testimonials!
And now, i never received even one
GOOD testimonial for 3 months..
All i received is just a sentence, or even a word "Hi!".
Oh well..

I was also looking back at my blog entries in the past..
All the entries showed happiness inside them..
And that's the reason why i'm typing my post in this format..
It brought back many memories..
Every picture, every situation and every word..
Gave me a smile! =)

Maybe, friendship doesn't lasts long..
But still, it
CAN be restored!
It may not happen now..
It can happen anytime!

Btw, i won't scold if you failed my friend's test on the left!
It just shows how long we haven't been hanging out together!
And yeah, my 0/100 thing there, it's just for laughs!
But i really wish that more people will do it..
So that i know that the name "John" isn't erased from their minds..
The big guy eh? Haha!

Anyway, off to play my online games!
Seeya and may God bless you! xD

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