May 9, 2007

Reply of TAGS.
Shunhui; Why? What happened? Sometimes luck isn't on my side either. xD
Jiemin; LOL! So, did you vote?
Zhengyee; Thanks, but i would rather study on my own. Reason being, when i study with other people, i tend to talk a lot and as a result, nothing can be absorbed.
Justin; Yeah, Condemned is really one fucked up game!

Good evening! It's 30 minutes to midnight already, so i will kinda make this fast. Today's History paper is out of my league. I just couldn't do it, everything just disappeared from my mind! Freaking sad already. Humanities is one of the easiest subject to pass, just read and revise often. I'm really not that kind though.

Went to Tiong Mac. Used Danilo's laptop for awhile, then duel Tekken : Dark Resurrection, using Danilo's PSP to fight with Weeleng. Fuck, i'm totally off form. I lost approximately 15 - 5 with him. Well enough, we played random and most of the characters i get is basically, crap. Those 5 matches i won are just my lucky moments, really lucky ones. I do need to sharpen up my skills in Tekken and fight him again!

Went home after that. Weeleng had to play basketball with his friends, while Danilo had to go home. I was feeling a bit lonely, standing in the MRT train all alone, no phone calls, no SMSing, just listening to my MP3. My MP3 is my only companion. During the ride, some smelly guy went inside and stink-ed the whole area. Fuck, it's like my nose got blocked and could not breathe properly. And that was 25 minutes of pungent mayhem until i get down at Novena. Phew!

Took a bus ride home. At this hour which is around 10am, i would predict that some schools already ended for examinations and the students can go home. Yes, i detest crowded buses. There were students who looked like outcasts, gangsters etc. I certainly did not enjoyed the ride, with all those faces staring at you like some freakass bastard, why would you enjoy it? As i get down the bus, there were still staring at me. I pointed something from my hand which they did not liked. Well, if you are not happy, bring it on dude.

Pimped my desktop today! Below is the finalized desktop, with a Gear-themed cursor, and a blue Windowblinds theme.
Free Image Hosting at
Cool ain't it? Blue all the way man! Toushirou rocked too!

Played Steam and Halo online. Pwned a lot of noobs and some pros. I can't stand noobs who kept on talking in the game. Typing nonsensical stuffs like "asafjsjakdslajgklsgjl" is pointless and adding to my lag. I just targeted that noob all the way till he leaves. I just want a clean and friendly server to play in.

Slept till 5pm, feeling super tired even after sleeping. Well, it's always like that.

I'm gonna catch a movie with Derrick and gang. The movie is Spiderman 3. I bet it's going to be an awesome movie.

Tomorrow's paper is Chemistry. I already studied it and hopefully i would score well for it! Good luck all to myself!

Gotta sleep now, good night!

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