August 1, 2008

Final words.

Good evening.

I'm here to clear matters up.

Really, all I'm asking for was just simple respect to Miss Pang and other teachers. Is it so hard to just show some respect? We have barely less than 4 weeks to N levels and less than 2 weeks to the preliminary examinations. So, how to show respect? I'm sure you learned respect in Primary schools before, need I say more? And to add on, we're already Secondary 4 students, aged 16+, almost adults soon. Seriously, you can do your part by asking your friend to stop what he is doing, like using the handphone, obstructing the lesson etc.

I agree with what DUDE [: said in most of his/her words. Although PSP isn't the main issue here, but we should learn to put ourselves in other people's shoes. What we are doing here isn't right, we are pressuring Miss Pang and other teachers with our disrespect and ignorance. Moreover, we're so close to the examinations already, the teachers would want to encourage you guys to buck up. I honestly feel that the teacher's success towards a class is not how he or she handles the class, it's how the students LEARN to appreciate the teacher. Without the student's respect, how can the teacher continue teaching effectively?

So my point is clear, all I want is just simple respect to every teacher! It isn't that hard. Or is it really that hard, that it kills?

Before I end here, DUDE [: and Anon, I would like to thank you personally for helping out! If both of you don't mind, could you send an email to, and telling me both your real names. It's okay if you don't want to reveal your name to me. I just wanna thank you guys personally.

Please. No more arguments in my tagboard. Just fulfill my simple request, it could be the last few days of my secondary school life and I want it to be the best. There's no guarantee that I could go on to Secondary 5, but I'll do my best.

Case closed.
If anyone still argues about this, you deserve a jackass stamp on your head.

Naw, please. Lemme enjoy my weekend. You guys had better start studying soon. 30 days isn't long. If you want to enjoy the fruits of success, better start mugging hard now.

Peace out, guys.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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