July 31, 2008

What a fun day!

Before I start.. Gonna reply to some people.

With all due respect, I thank you for your neat and polite reply. I'm glad that you learned to argue politely and not like some people I met in the forums. Anyway, none of your sentences hurt me at all. He is proud I know, but there's no reason to overdo it really. And Miss Pang, she only teaches us two times per week, can we just give her some ease? I mean, who can teach when students aren't paying attention, talking away, and in short, simply no interest at all. And why is it only Mr Chan/Mr Kung/Mr Sandhu's lesson then you guys will keep quiet, and not other lessons? When Mr Chan arrives, the class will stand up, clear the rubbish bin, and greets loudly. Mr Chan isn't that fierce, so what are you guys afraid of? He just speaks loud.. People offended him, he takes it lightly. So why is it then? While Miss Pang arrives, you guys still continue playing the PSP, tucks out shirt, can't keep quiet.. I feel that this is very prejudiced towards Miss Pang and other teachers' lessons that we do not behave in.

And Miss Pang isn't the only one who lost her interest in teaching us. Miss Mah too. You guys just sleep during her lesson. There was even a day, where only 8 people were upright and listening.

And finally, you said I'm part of this class BUT I do not have the right to lecture the class? What kind of a rule is that? Dude, I'm the vice-team captain and I don't have the rights? How can I just sit back and do nothing? Our class behavior depends on us, me and Asha, but Asha just doesn't seem to do anything. I feel for this class, I sacrificed for this class, and I adore class spirit. I swept the class almost every Wednesday to at least push up our D grade for cleanliness. Do you know that I felt so happy during our teamwork in ACE camp last year? We shouted our cheer, we shouted it loud, and people applaud for our teamwork. THAT'S the class spirit I'm talking about. Right now, our class is like a ghost town.

Anyway, it's good that you replied. At least I know the views of my team mates. But it's too late.

Hock Zheng
Lol relax. Don't try to make an argument here. Better to flame politely, than get into fights. But I hear you, and I understand it. Thanks.


Today was the best man!
Especially assembly!
The Japanese guy named "Pepper" something was so awesome! Other than that, nothing much today though..

After all that rant about class behavior, I finally start to understand something.
Our class is stagnant.

Oh well, N levels is very near now. Just.. try to pay attention in every lesson.
Remember.. The future depends on what we do at the present.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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