July 23, 2008

Good and bad.

What a rainy day!

I have good news and bad news. Fuck yea, I'm hella going with the good news first.

It's been a while, been too long, too crazy. I had failed Physics for the past 2 years in my life. I had never been so joyful until this day. I had never felt so confident in my whole fucking life. I even studied myself, without the help of tuition teachers. All it took was a week of Mr Chan's detention class cum test taking, which helped me a lot. No, he didn't taught me any tricks whatsoever. I thought, all I needed was day away from my house. Yeah, like distractions duh. And finally, I passed my first Physics test (Believe it or not). I just can't control myself already, it's too fucking exhilarating!

Damn. Now for bad news.
My phone's slider got stuck by a fucking screw! The shit is that I can't push the damn slider down, making it look longer and exposing the keypad. Thank God it's still in working condition, if the whole phone was terminated, I would've screamed. Right now, I'm switching back to my oldest phone, Nokia 7610, for the time being. You know, the phone with a funky shape, with funky designs here and there. It's cool, but it's colors are shit. Anyway, I really hope the phone gets fixed since it was a gift.. or rather, a keepsake to remind me of that special someone.

Now for the next round of bad news. Don't cha like these bad news..
My printer got freaking busted downside up! (It was supposed to be upside down, but heck)
I was supposed to finish my D&T presentation boards by today, and the most ironic thing happened. The ink was definitely enough to print out 4 sheets of paper for me to trim. This is the shit, the thick string which was supposed to maneuver the ink dispenser left and right, got snapped! I almost felt like throwing the printer outside my window, hoping it to knock onto someone's head, NOT! Okay whatever. Right now, I need a friend's help. You know, I need a printer. So I would need to go visit a friend's house to print out my sheets. It won't be long, it won't consume much ink either. If you are willing to help, please contact me! Your help would be most appreciated.

Enough of bad news already!

Oh before I forget. I swept the class today. I guess I was bored, while waiting for the CLB teacher to arrive. Although it's a bit late now, but I urge everyone to help maintain AT LEAST 60% of the cleanliness. I got some fucking flu from the dirt in the damn classroom, and Beng Shiang's got stings from the Sand flies hovering on the grounds. Gotta hate them, it mostly appears in jungles or deserts. Trust me, Sand flies make your life real miserable. Compared to Mosquitoes, these Sand flies come in large quantities, and they are hardly visible to the naked eye. So please, try to keep the class at least 60% clean. It's a good measure before the N levels to prevent anyone from getting sick or miserable from these pesky little shits.

Again, don't bring drinks or food into the class. It will attract flies (Which carry germs, eeew) and Mosquitoes, since they can easily breed in any damp environment. But if you do want to eat in class, please do dispose of the food packs completely, or the best, throw it in the toilet.

Well, that's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
Oh and please mind me for the *fucks* used. *smiles*

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