July 1, 2008

Emo day?

Good evening!

It had rained today, FINALLY! It's been so hot nowadays! 20 minutes in my house already and I'm sweating buckets of salt water.. Then my legs feel so itchy after bathing, it's like mosquitoes flying around your legs.. Argh, in short, you don't wanna be in my shoes!

Today is kinda like emo day.. Everyone I met had a glum face, like they murdered someone or something. I sleep at 12-1am everyday and still look fresh, but some people who sleep 10-11pm still looks sleepy! Oh well, must be due to good habits..

Nothing much to blog today.. Hate blogging about the usual stuff that happens everyday.. Just gonna share some videos related to Maple. Not that I'm Maple-mad or what, but their video editing skills are awesome! Enjoy!

Hu's on first?

Maple Table Overdrive! Lots of crap..



Okay, that's it for now..
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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