July 17, 2008

These days..

These few days had screwed me over.
And.. Oh hey! Good evening!

So.. Yeah. I'm truly, madly and deeply wallowed in happiness yesterday. She tagged my tagbox at around 8pm yesterday (I think). Man, that was sure a pretty good omen! Rest assured, I'll do my best for tomorrow's Physics test, that's for sure. Although, I hadn't studied the whole afternoon today, because I had a slight headache upon reaching home and took quite an unexpected, 3 hour long sleep. The alarm didn't budge, so I didn't wake up on my designated time.

And I still got that.. D&T folio project work which is up for submission for N level checking and marking on the 1st of August. Right now, I'm on a dilemma whether to finish up my hugely incomplete folio project work or study for Physics tomorrow.. Either way, I'll find a way out. All these dilemmas happening to me are inevitable.. Hate the fact.

The past few days been hellish!
Upon hearing about my belly button infection, I started to gag..
"I'll be seeing you in a week's time, to check your condition, and whether you are required to visit a surgeon should the condition gets worse. If it gets better, just follow my daily prescription.", that's what the doctor said.

I hate it when decisions have to made at a later time, it makes you lament about the past. Ironic how people actually lament when they are on their wit's end.

Quarreled with a few friends, nevertheless, apologized and accepted. I hate quarrels, I just hate it when it ends up in fights or rebuttals, especially vulgar ones. You'll never see me initiating a fight with anyone, unless he or she had gone over the limit. We have limits you know.. Excessive criticism is one of many that I truly detest. Saying my mother's name 4 times or less is enough, any amount higher, I'm gonna rage!

And cross country is next week already! When you thought you were jogging on hard ground, sloppy and muddy tracks, now, we're jogging on flat ground with a fresh and great scenery in the Chinese Garden. There's no way I'm gonna skip the run. Who knows, I maybe heading for ITE next year, could be my last!

To end it off.. I hate being a vice-team captain.
Well, actually, it's more like being a "team captain" instead. Is Asha really health-problematic? If he is, I can understand. He smokes, he drinks, he reducing his life span as the days pass by. I encouraged him to quit smoking, he refused. But as what Mr Sandhu said, we cannot control people's lives since they are not robots, they have their lives. But..

Maybe I'm stressed, but I don't feel it at all.
Maybe, just maybe. I'm just bewildered.
Hopefully, by Saturday, may all my sorrows be exterminated.

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

Oh my tagboard really doesn't have a refresh button.. Weird?

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