July 15, 2008

Right from wrong?

Oh hey, good evening!

Anyway, to start it off..
First. All my years studying in Gan Eng Seng School.. Had got me thinking that why is right wrong and wrong right? Life used to be simple, we help people with their heavy stuffs, we get our good grades, we don't scold each other names and so much more. The past few days, I had quarreled with several people outside and people over the internet. Their responses were very clear, they tried to defend themselves, even though they know they are in the wrong. Isn't it easier to admit your mistake instead of taking the argument to the next level? Plus, I'm sure the opposite party would gladly forgive you for your mistake! Most arguments I encountered often end up in fights, because the other party refused to admit his/her mistake, and thus, can people in Singapore or other countries really tell right from wrong?

The earthquake in China was another example. Instead showing compassion and feeling sympathized with the victims of the quake, we laugh at them? How foolish are we actually? Shouldn't we be thankful that we already have a home to live in, 3 meals a day, got all our electronics, pampered and so much more. Still, why add insult to injury by laughing at them? Do you like people to laugh at you losing your family? In fact, losing your family is the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone, it ain't no joking matter.. I feel utterly disgusted by the way my class behaves during CD period yesterday. Mocking them, mimicking their cries. Why not experience an earthquake in Singapore then. We'll see how you guys cry, or got your head smashed by a falling debris. In short, put yourselves in their shoes.

Still.. Mother Nature, why did you have to be so cruel.. And everyone, please pray for those who survived to get back on life, because they still have a future!

Second. Racism is a serious issue in Singapore. People are calling each other inappropriate names, that may end up in fights. I played CabalSEA during it's beta stage, and Singaporeans are insulting Malaysians by saying how they are black, idiotic etc. It was an awful sight, really. Canadians and Europeans were playing this game (Before the official IP ban of CabalSEA), and this is how we behave? If you compared SEA games and Global games, the difference is huge! Now, this also applies to people outside, from SEA and Global. I really don't know what's the pleasure in insulting each other's skin colors.. It's ABSURD!

Please guys.
Please learn from your mistakes.
Please learn right from wrong.
Please show compassion for people who are suffering.
Please learn to put yourself in other people's shoes.
Most importantly,
Please don't be a jackass.

Flame me if you must.
I understand that this may be offensive to people out there, but I hate keeping matters to my heart all the time. If you want to flame, please flame politely.

Oh and don't mistake "flame" for something else. I'm sure most of us been to forums before, and I'm sure we all know what flaming is. Go figure.

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you, us and the victims of the earthquake.

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