July 10, 2008

Rainy day!

Good evening everyone!

It rained today, and just at the right time! Great! And I don't have to sit with my legs crossed at the *soft* ground again.. So, I went up, opened the classroom as usual. Sat down, waited for everything to start..

Zzz, there's really nothing interesting to blog today man.. But I'm having this examination paranoia already, it's so scary. During SS today, the class really doesn't have any interest at all. But hell, some of them haven't gone through what I had experienced before. I was ignorant and really sick of studying before, and when I heard that I retained, everything around you changes. I still remembered me trying to convince the teacher not to make me retain, so I said stuffs like "I'll work harder from now on" or "I'll let my mother confiscate my computer games!". Seriously, these phrases means nothing but shit. So if you guys wanna go on to Secondary 5, you guys had better start studying now.

People said that N levels were easy, but heck, you haven't done the papers yet, so why believe the people who had done it once? Since when examinations were easy? It requires you to revise like hell, remember all your pointers. Just sacrifice your time for revision, trust me, it's worth it. I already cleaned out my computer games, and all there's left in my desktop is just Firefox, Winamp and Live Messenger.

Don't think that you're always gonna flunk. Have confidence in yourself. Why be so pessimistic? If you are scared that you'll fail, blame it on your class attentiveness and your studying attitude. If you done your best, you HAVE done your best, there's no right or wrong.

Final reminder, study all subjects! Don't just study for the N level criteria! Aim for the O level criteria, so that you'll be better prepared for the O levels next year!

Well, that's I gotta say.
It's time to wake up now.
This is some SERIOUS SHIT!

Or else it will be hours and hours in the silent hall..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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