July 5, 2008

Basketball day!

I'm typing with my pinky upwards.. Cus' I bended it while playing basketball today.. It hurts like mad now, but it will go away in a few days. Then, I played barefooted, since I do not have any good sport shoes to use, and I got a huge blister on my right foot. Gosh, it's like every sport I play, I'll always have injuries here and there. Tough luck..

Anyway, good evening!

There's nothing to blog about today..
But I just wanna share something with everybody.

Yesterday, while going home late in the bus, some nincompoop blasted insults at me, saying that I'm obese, bad looks and a monster! I was deeply humiliated.. But I did not retaliate, to prevent commotions.


You think it's so easy to live everyday, fat? People look at you.. People insults you.. People look down you.. Please spare a thought for us, DUDE!

You said as if you were obese once, you had bad looks once and even worse, YOU WERE A MONSTER ONCE! How do you even know how I feel? You just.. blasted insults in front of my face like it isn't anyone's business! Worst of all, you make it sound like fat people ARE A SIN TO THIS WORLD! Why don't you try being fat? I'm sure you'll cry like there's no tomorrow, whine all day long.

You think I like being fat? FUCKING HELL NO!

I know I'm freaking fat, but do you have to repeat it TWICE? THRICE? QUADRA-ICE? WHATEVER-ICE? I wish I could have given you a body slam, make you have the taste of a slamming 1 tonne weight. Freaking no life.

Yeah yeah, go on with life with your slim body, emo hair, skinny jeans, shades, iPod, whatever. Your life is great, your parents give you money, you are pampered but one thing's for sure, your respect towards humans sucks. You are a total fail.

Somehow.. The point of living has become almost pointless. I partially agree that the world should be destroyed at 2012. Terrorism, sexual abuses, illegal trafficking, murders, scandals, insults are happening almost everyday! These people are created to destroy themselves? Where has the point of living gone to? Numbers are increasingly high day by day..

And some people doesn't want to attend school, what do they do outside? Eat? Sleep? Drink? Flirt? We are the next generation of people who will take over the place of our ancestors! You guys simply just want to ruin your life away just like that? In school, you know who you are, skipping school like it's so correct, yet it's so wrong. Where are you gonna get a job, without an O level or Diploma? Some teacher did mention that the job that accepts people without an O level certificate is a grave digger, forgotten who it is.

To anyone who knows that they are in this situation..
It's never too late to get back up.. It's always that EFFORT you put into work that makes you happy in the future. Without a job, how are you gonna pay for utilities bill, taxes and so much more? Your parents can't be always throwing money at you, you have to earn your money yourself. Please, get your hands to work and look forward to your future..

Thanks for visiting and may God blast that disrespectful mathafaka who insulted me.

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