July 16, 2008


Hey, evening y'all.
Just came back from tuition from my good old buddy, Justin. Thanks man!

Before I start, I would want to elaborate more on Chungaik's tag..
I know that "we" do this for the fun. Honestly, people dying isn't a laughing matter. Rachel once told me this, if you laugh at people suffering out there, you are hereby inhumane, a beast who is fucking selfish and blood-thirty. (Not saying you, CA, but to the people who DID laugh that day). Since "we" already know that we are childish, shouldn't we change?

Okay.. Enough of the serious talk. (I'm a forum guy after all, but we do need to stop sometimes eh?)

I have not talked about school for a long time!
Well, today was pretty alright.

The first two periods today were History. I do not know who came up with the idea of a History game, whereby our class is split into two, and we supposed to throw questions at each other. Rules were clearly not explained, countdown not adhered to and a waste of time. It may sound harsh though, but I would preferred group work > games, or even better, a movie about Hilter, Stalin, Lenin or any other leaders history. Honestly, I wasn't learning much as a failed History student.. Sorry.

Chemistry was next. We received past N level papers and I realized how easy they were! Serious, it's so easy that I can even get full marks in the MCQ section. All it takes is a little effort into revision and you'll be fine! N levels are so near already.. Paranoia is still there though, but heck it, I'm gonna kill it and pass my N levels.

Maths was next.
Nothing much about this though.
Still, my stand stays strong!
Phew, that was good.

Physics was next.
Fuck. I gotten 15/54. Pathetic score.
And there will be another Physics test coming up this Friday. I'm gonna redeem myself from the failures and stand up again. Grr.

Recess was madness. Truly madness. Should have taken a video instead, but heck. Lmao. Oh and the **** was in action. Go figure it out yourself. =D

CD period was next. Felt rather bad for changing places.. But it's seriously too hot behind! How am I gonna study? Oh well, might as well stick to the rules.

English was next. We did a test on situational writing.. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a decent pass, not a great one, just average.

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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