July 9, 2008


Man.. Sorry for updating late! My computer got busted for no reason today.. I spent the whole afternoon fixing my computer, because I need it for D&T.. And exactly at 10.30pm tonight, I did a system restore and wa-la! Real crappy, I actually spent the whole day trying to rectify a minor fault, which can be fixed by merely using system restore.. Zzz, my mind's busted too I think, lol.

Well, about today's oral.. It was easy, except for the picture conversation, which I totally sucked at. Guess what, the passage have no apostrophe (') Ds! So it WAS an easy passage, and the conversation topics are easy as well.. All I can say is, today's oral batch are lucky, maybe tomorrow's ain't that lucky, but I still wanna wish the other half of our class the very best! Good luck guys!

Well then, I gotta sleep now.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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