August 26, 2008

So much close calls..

Good evening y'all.

I just had a pretty fucked up day.. Not to mention, I slept at 2am last night because I was feeling really cold. My body got penetrated with chills to the max!

First of all, I received all my marks for the preliminary examinations.. I wouldn't say that it's a good effort, but the improvement is visible. Compared to the Mid-Year results, the preliminaries are definitely better.

My English definitely improved. Before then, I always failed my Paper 2, because of the summary. But now, I'm getting like 13/20 for summary and 10/15 for cloze passage, which is pretty good. The only downside is the letter writing, which was my worst. Hopefully I get a B3 or above for this.

Maths too, improved, not slightly but tremendously. Still, Algebra is my main problem. I did get some Algebra questions correct, but it's probably luck. Overall, I did really well but I need to get closer to the B3 mark!

Science likewise. I failed Science by 2 marks, which WAS A CLOSE CALL! I'm gonna make a little more effort. An effort which is worth 2 marks! NO! It must be worth 20 marks man!

Humanities.. Needless to say, it sucked. I only improved in my Social Studies but not in History. Oh! ANYONE KIND ENOUGH TO LOAN ME A SECONDARY 3 SS TEXTBOOK? Please make sure that you do not need it or you have an extra before loaning. I'll be gladly appreciated by your kind deed! I may even buy chocolates for you! =D

And finally, D&T. My core subject. Passed and happy!

And to those who are having problems with their subjects.. Remember that English is a major subject. Without it, you are basically nothing. You guys know who you are! BUCK UP MAN!


Tags reply:

Fengying: Yeah! The fireworks was downright awesome!

Juihao: Thanks! My keyboard where got nice? Haha! Good luck for your O levels!

Jiemin: Aiyo, I'm not that total noob in Chinese lah! All must study hard! Yeah man!

Rachel: You, another sarcastic person! I'm gonna whack you virtually.. Wahahaha!

Shuting: Woah.. Third person liao. You are so sarcastic! Somemore all caps..

Chungaik: I used toilet papers.. not tissue papers! WAHAHAHA, I owned you! =P

Mengci: Eeeee.. Sweet couple? 2 men? Walao eh. I wanna vomit liao..

Derrick: LOL HAHA! I remember! But that was so long ago.. Kinda embarrassing haha!

Hock Zheng: Yes! But I hate cleaning up the keyboard so thoroughly like that.. So troublesome. >_>

Justin: Yes! Wanna see? HAHAHA!


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