August 21, 2008

What a turnabout of events.

Good evening y'all.

Man.. I had such a bad day at school, although mine's nothing compared to those who already failed so much. Those who failed one or more of their subjects, don't give up! I may seem that I gave up but I did not. I was merely just tired..

So yeah. I passed D&T and Maths currently. I failed Social Studies. The rest of the papers either have not been marked or needs to be combined. My English.. Hmmm, I guess it was badly done. After all, Mr Sandhu gave that extremely discouraging gesture in front of my face (A thumbs down, repeatedly), so I pretty much know what's the outcome. He did said I passed, but probably a borderline pass. For History, there's not a glimmer of hope left, I don't see why I should elaborate more on this. Chemistry and Physics.. Seemed pretty bad for me. Well, I tried my best, and managed to only get 3 passes, which is enough for Secondary 5 but not O levels.

YUP. Time to get down to even more serious business. I think I may even burn midnight oil.

One week is all we got left. After next week, the N levels will officially begin. Work hard guys. Sacrifice everything for the examinations! Suffer bitterly for now and enjoy the sweet fruits of success at the end. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


Tags reply:

Rachel: Man.. I hate Hangmans.. Lemme see. Can I buy a vowel? LOL.

Jiemin: Yeah man. After the N levels, I gonna get berserk! You also jiayou! Haha!

Chungaik: Haha, talking about GunZ. Felt like playing it back, but it's so tedious to master the skills. I feel more stressful in GunZ then in other games, rofl.

Derrick: Rofl, please elaborate on what you are saying. Word = which words? content? tagboard? And try not to use vulgarities at my blog.. as you might have noticed. Well, Chungaik isn't the only one would say that.. If it was Rachel, you would be damned, rofl..


That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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