August 31, 2008

For the first time..

Good morning y'all! It's over 12 midnight!
..and it's my first post ever done over 12 midnight. (There might be.. I think)

Yep. I'm actually following a friend's style of studying. He studied from 12 midnight onwards all the way to 5am in the late morning. Now let's see whether I could digest more in the wee hours than in the afternoons. Somehow I'm quite sleepy now.. Who knows, I may fall asleep suddenly.


Mr Abraham Joseph called me yesterday afternoon (It's 31st August already, mind you). God knows why he called my house. Apparently, my mum was out at work and she can't speak English for nuts. I did not ask for his purpose upon calling me, since I ALREADY knew the answer. It's either about my results (My current results only earned me rights to ITE, not Secondary 5) or some problems regarding myself. Right now, I'm feeling rather irked at the fact that he called. Somehow, I'm already mentally prepared for ITE. But I don't want to go there.. I don't know why. That's why I'm mugging like crazy now!

I still want to be with my beloved friends!
I still want to fulfill Suying's wish for me to pass the O levels!
I still want to enter a polytechnic!

I seriously wish that appealing for Secondary 5 is applicable. I'm like so gonna kneel down at Mr Giam's office, knock my head on the floor 1 gazillion times (You didn't think I was gonna do that, eh?). But yeah, I'm gonna beg him for my advancement to Secondary 5 if my results can't earn me the rights. I'm gonna act all dramatic, all horny and whatever! I MUST FUCKING GET INTO SECONDARY 5!

This might be my last blog entry before the examinations.. So, I wanna wish everyone the best for their examinations. Don't give up so easily! Try your best!

(I might update once in a while, to rant, or reply tags.)

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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