August 8, 2008

National Day Eve.

Good evening y'all.

Today's National Day Eve.. Well, it's kinda boring except for some performances, like the trash percussion by the military band and the Live Your Dream performances.. But overall, it's okay. Somehow, I missed screaming with the Scouts.. I missed marching too. Gosh, I missed everything. Meh, I pretty much spent half of my life in Scouts. Oh well..

I felt really tired today, so I did not went to study with Kaijie and gang. Instead, I visited places with I spent time with Suying. The void deck, the grassy areas, the playground and so much more. I was indulging myself in reminiscence. Sucks to be me eh. Time to move on with life!

Anyway, here are some videos that I enjoyed. Haha, Maple Story ones. You know I'm the gamer type of person..

(Videos not embedded because it causes lagness =D)

Maple Kombat 1
Maple Kombat 2
Maple Kombat 3
Maple Kombat 4
Maple Kombat 5
Maple Kombat 6
Real life Tekken
Final Fantasy Real life cosplay battles (For FF fans)
Beautiful Song by Faye Wong
FPS Doug!

Harem No Jutsu!
Harem No Jutsu 2!
George Sampson
George Sampson final

That's all I guess..
Can't find ways to make my post interesting.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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