August 3, 2009

Tired and stressed.

Well well, it's August. 2 more months left to O levels. It's pretty impossible to finish my homework because I reached home everyday at around 7 pm. By then, I'm already so tired. It sucks to live so far.. And to travel during peak hours is a pain in the ass. BUT. 2 months left. It's a struggle for survival. I'll survive this apocalypse. *lmao, sounds so darn epic*

August is here. I'm gonna show off my desktop again. *grins*


My absolute distraction. *runs*

I have another distraction though, though I'm not gonna say it. Don't scold me, lmao.

It's Monday.. And a pretty long day. I had a Chemistry test in the morning. I studied for 3 hours yesterday and then went to play some games. I forgotten everything again this morning and had to perform a last minute revision. Great, just great. I can't believe I forget the facts so easily. Brain power food much? Fish? Chicken Essence? o.O

History and it's boredom. It was a tad too boring today. A clip just doesn't cut it. It was filled with dialogues, faces and vintage music. Why even put the word "War" in Cold War when it isn't a war? Kinda defeats the purpose eh.. Although cold war in terms of English means giving a cold shoulder or something.

Next up was Maths. I have to be really honest about this.. Mr Kung looks rather dull nowadays. Maybe he's tired I don't know. But I feel he should at least make an effort to show a neutral expression or just smile. All of us are stressed. Mr Chui, on the other hand, brings a lil laughter in the middle to just perk up the class. It's a good thing really. Encouragements are a necessity too, not requirements/expectations (Like we haven't heard em' enough already). Kudos to both teachers for their hardwork. It can be seen through their sweaty shirts!

SS up. We were given a lot of answers for SS. It's gonna help a lot. Memorizing blues.. Sheesh.

PE was next. Played badminton for the whole PE lesson. In short, damn tired.

Took a bus and walked home.

That's all. I'm tired!

Good night and peace out!


  1. My Mon was worse. 3 tests at one goal. :(

  2. Shuting - 3 test at one go, you mean? HAHAHAHAHA. I feel your pain, very pain :(

    2 more months left, don't know much more I can take. Sigh.

  3. Yes. One after another for 6 periods. Wth -.-" But it's ok, it's over :D Jiayous, very fast it's gonna be over! Try hard for A2, I can help you if I still rmb :) (Anyway thats for your first post I guess?) Lol! :D