August 4, 2009


Beautiful but bone-chilling tune.

If only a Xenogears novel was adopted, it would sell like hot cakes. The story was magnificent, almost flawless and bone-chilling at the same time. Even thought it was birthed for the Playstation, despite pixelated graphics, it's breath-taking. Just wished there was a Xenogears remake for the modern consoles..

Whatever, back to topic..

I'm so sleepy today. I can't believe it, really. I slept at 9 am yesterday, but I'm still yawning so much. Ironic thing is, I slept at 11 am, which is much later, and I'm way more awake and attentive. Gosh. That's it, I'm sleeping at 11.

Tuesday. Well..

Short day.. HELL NO. Alright it was rather short, because I finished my Maths classwork during SSP today. I did it rather fast.. I had to start from scratch because I left my work at home. When I finished my work, I had a rather long chat with Mr Kung. It's been a while eh.

He asked me to aim for A2 for O level Maths, which seems ALMOST impossible for me. Look at me, my Algebra sucked MAJOR balls, my only strong topics are Trigo, Mensuration, Data Analysis and just about anything to do with shapes. My initial aim was B3/4, then he gave me that look. LOL. I was trying to convince him that getting A2 isn't my forté. People like Hock Zheng or Beng Shiang could attain an A2 easily, but me? Hell no. In the end, I just said that I'll try my best. Sigh, that A2 is rather tempting though.. But I still have to concentrate on my Humanities..

He also asked whether I missed Scouts. Hell yeah I missed Scouts. I missed carrying staves, sharpening my axe, punishments, marching and especially group cheers, which actually destresses me completely. I quited because I didn't want to do another year of PLC and still attend meetings like normal while seeing my old PLC mates going for venture lessons.. The feeling is very disheartening really. Makes you feel damn low. Even if I returned, not everyone will welcome me with open hands. Black faces, you name them. Once a Scout, always a Scout. Yeah, I still have that Scout in me, but I'm not recognized as one now anyway. Enough with this..

I was smiling while walking home today. I even thought I was crazy. The sky is so blue. It's so damn clear. I just wished I could lie down on a field and just gaze at the skies. Reminiscence much? Yeah, totally. I missed her so much. I just smiled all the way, while listening to Ingrid Michael's The Way I Am, which is what I would do to a girl.

Walked up, rushed into my room, and BAM! FACEPLANT on my own bed. Very comfy. Heh.

I'm done for tonight. Hands getting rather tired.

Good night and peace out!


  1. the sky so boring.
    the moon more nice :D

  2. hahah mr kung emo-ing =X

    "john ah do you miss scouts?"