August 14, 2009

No time for regrets.

What a bad day. I gotten 14/30 for my English situational writing and 21/50 for the common test, I have to go for Oral practice, I got one of the lowest marks for Oral and I can't even recall what essay types are there. Is this what people call reversed psychology? I focused too much on Maths, D&T and Science that my English deteriorated.. It's bad, cus English is very important.

I also gotten a 3/15 for my Physics practical. Damn, double blow much? I can't believe I actually plotted on the wrong axis. I never really committed this mistake before, this was the first. As a result, my calculations were wrong, I don't even get an extra mark for stating the Gradient formula! It's that bad.. For the rest of the day, I had this gloomy expression on my face. The CD lesson did make me relax a lil, cus Miss Pang was naturally humoring us with her sudden high intonations! A good way to end the day, and it's good to see that she doesn't really nag at us anymore.

Also, no time for regrets. I can't be thinking about heading into ITE after O levels.. But it always seem to get stuck in my head. 2 months left for O levels, 1 month left for Preliminaires. 2 weeks left for D&T Folio O levels submission, 1 week left for O level English oral and to be honest, I feel that I should just attend all 4 days of SSP, I kinda deserve it. I'm sure this is what the veterans state as last minute anxiety. I'm feeling it already, even though it's 2 months away.

Well, I'm done here. And remember to mug mug mug! John, you can do it!

Good night and peace out!

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