August 27, 2009

Interesting day.

As September is approaching.. I shall post my September wallpaper now!

I found it be really cool. A blue DNA ribbon, it just looks so fluffy.

Anyway, back to today.

This morning, someone was really elated. He told me something, and then I understood. How fun life can be! Haha!

I was literally, rushing my D&T folio. I was too anxious that I even forgot to bring along my phone cable for transferring pictures. I had to instead ask Jiemin to bring a spare for me (Thanks Jiemin!). My folio was almost done. It was a rushed effort, which would end up messy and with occasional mistakes. But well, I have to suck it up, because the deadline is so near.

The Science teachers kept reminding us of the practicals. Mr Chan gave us some "useful" hints, Ms Mah had a change of mood today. Seriously, I'm sure someone do noticed Ms Mah's change in attitude today. It was so obvious. Maybe she prefer teaching a hyperactive class? I heard she used to teach a class like us as well. What a change.. If she's happy, all is well.

D&T was up. Rushin' and gushin'..

After D&T was assembly. It was probably our last. I found the skit rather boring. Maybe because I was sitting next the entrance, I don't know. I'm pretty sure I didn't laugh most of the time. Or maybe I watched too much Shane Dawson videos. *grins*

The English workshop was next. As usual, she was funny as hell. Yep, Mrs Benjamin. This workshop should have been English SSP all along. Rather than doing all the boring, generic stuff, we were given fully detailed explanations by Mrs Benjamin herself and I'm able to understand it. Seriously, she should just spread her skills around. Everyone in Singapore might pass, rofl. But honestly, she's that damn good. Anyone beg to differ?

I felt I shouldn't post this.. But maybe it's just for laughs..
I was at the bus stop, standing with my folio and listening to music. Then this girl came along and stood around me. She went back and forth, and was standing REALLY close to me. Gosh. You know, I'm really shy towards girls. So.. I was perspiring all over and my heart beated real fast! I was like, "OMG. Am I gonna die or something?". Finally, she boarded a bus. Woah, this is one experience I'll never forget. And.. I had better get over my weakness against girls otherwise, I'm not gonna make any new friends in Poly.. *bangs wall..*

Well.. I'm tired and I'm gonna sleep.

Good night and peace out!

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