August 9, 2009

What a night.

My apologies for having such a long holiday away from blogging..

I went out with my guild mates today! Went to Erin's house's void deck to play with sparklers with 2 other mates. Zzz, I sorta sparked my own thumb. It wasn't too serious, but it hurts when I touch it. There's this white liquid oozing out of my thumb. Eeeyuck.

Haven't played with sparklers for quite long..

Anyway, watched the National Day Parade at her house too. The march-in was so awesome. Those guys and their white uniforms, it's just so cool. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a ticket because the prices were way too high. Sigh.

Enough with NDP.. About Sports' Fiesta..

It was a disappointment though. It lasted only 3 hours, but somehow, it didn't felt like 3 hours at all. To add-on, there were so much clashes with events that almost everyone was unable to adhere to the plan. I was supposed to play badminton, but Zhi Xun wants to win, so I had to give up my place for Jerome, who was way better than me. I dragged Chungaik along, but in the end, he did not participate much. Sorry dude.

Badminton was awesome, Zhi Xun won his singles, Jerome & Vishnu won their mixed doubles, we lost our female singles (No idea where the girls went, probably floorball) but Zhi Xun is able to enter the finals. Kudos! Sigh but how ironic. I've been waiting for years to get inside a badminton CCA, and all the time, my requests were ignored. Talk about helping me to get a CCA.. Utter bullshit.

I think 5B will not be able to win this year.. The enthusiasm is so low. Floorball won I think, judging from Zhao Feng's facebook profile. Awesome.. But I wonder what is the sports class of the year's criteria. *crosses fingers*

What's more interesting is.. I never experienced class teamwork before in my whole life in GESS.. It's like I'm jinxed or something. I was in 1B, 2B and 3B, then after I retained, the class got so united with each other, that I'm jealous. Seriously, maybe I'm really jinxed. Who cares anyway..

Happy Birthday Singapore! 44th huh, hope Singapore truimphs for life!

Good night and peace out.

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