July 29, 2009


I had a haircut today. I decided to cut my hair because it just looks so bad. Now, it looks worse though. Yep, a bad haircut to go with a bad face. I should just stop trying to look good or what. I was surprised at what I saw today while heading home. I saw a guy who was way fatter than I am, kissing a pretty girl! I couldn't believe it! Now I'm inspired!

I went through my Facebook requests and invitations, and I did a quiz on "The first letter of your lover's name". Yes, yes, I'm very bored, but I'm interested to find out. The result was a letter S. Haha, so true. My first crush starts with S, my first girlfriend starts with S too. I felt rather.. pleased and calm, frankly speaking.

Boring day today.


How to find the fun in studying.. Was in MSN yesterday, chatting with Kaijie.

Anyone! Please show me the fun in studying! *Impossible task*

Good night and peace out.


  1. when u study.
    make sure u understand.
    when u understand,u learn.
    when u learn,u gain knowledge.
    when u gain knowledge,u think.
    when u think,you become more rational.
    when u become rational,youll think more.
    when u think more,ull stress.
    when u stress,ull die.

  2. btw. sorry about ur stomach.
    i was way too rashed.
    i wasnt thinking.
    hias,i should be finding excuses.
    sorry pal.
    peace man.

  3. Chungaik - If that the case, everyone in the world will die. Zzz. You're damn right sorry. It hurts whenever I sit for 4 days straight. Apology accepted.